Dog Walking FAQs                                                          

Q:   How much walking time is best for my dog?
A:   The ASPCA recommends at least two outings each day.  One for a minimum of 45 minutes and the other for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Depending on your dog's dominant breed type a more lengthy regimen may be necessary.  Click here for a reference based on your dog's breed.

Q:   Do you walk dogs in big groups?
A:   No!  While it is more convenient and economical to walk a whole group of dogs together, it is not necessarily best for your pal.  Our policy is to walk dogs individually or together with no more than one or two dogs, depending on size and personality.

Q:   What will dog walking cost me?
A:   Depending on your dog's requirements the cost of dog walking will vary.  Some dogs might require three walks per week while others may need ten at twice per day.

Q:   How will I be billed?
A:   Our regular clients (weekly dog walking) are billed monthly.  Vacationing clients are required to submit a payment prior to any services rendered.  We accept check, cash or certified money orders for payment processing.

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